Mission in Tajikistan



In accordance with the CIS Agreement of October 9, 1992 and the CIS Decision of January 22, 1993, the consolidated Kazakh battalion was located in Gorny Badakhshan and carried out a combat mission to protect the Tajik-Afghan border during the crisis period after the outbreak of the civil war in Tajikistan. Russian, Uzbek and Kyrgyz units together with the Kazakh battalion performed similar tasks in adjacent areas.

Initially, in the autumn of 1992, one separate airborne battalion without equipment was sent to Tajikistan in the number of 300 paratroopers of the 35th Separate Guards Airborne Brigade stationed in Kapshagai. In the spring of 1993, on the basis of the Resolution of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 15, 1993 and the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 335 dated April 30, 1993, a separate consolidated rifle battalion was formed.

The combat mission of the Kazakh servicemen in Tajikistan was to strengthen the checkpoints and outposts of the border detachments of the Russian Federation, first in the city of Khorog, and then in the settlement of Kalai-Khumb.

In total, 10,300 servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan took part in the operation to stabilize the situation in Tajikistan from September 1993 to February 2001.
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