Course Description
KAZCENT has developed this UNMO course, which is following United Nations Military Observers Special Training Materials (UNMO STM) that are providing us with the UN pre-deployment requirements, lesson plans, and materials specially designed for UNMO. A Core Pre-Deployment Training Materials (CPTM) are included as a pre-requisite to this UNMO training.

The course program includes lectures, learning activities/exercises, as well as, a more comprehensive scenario-based exercise, which will be run at the end of a course to strengthen participants’ understanding how better to operate in a UN Peacekeeping environment.
Course aim

The aim of this course is to support national pre-deployment training efforts of Kazakhstan and countries of Central Asia by providing UN DPO training standards to ensure a common military approach to work as military observers in UN peacekeeping missions.

This course designed not only for personnel identified to deploy as UNMO, but also for military decision makers, staff officers, and tactical unit leaders, who during their UN deployment may be assigned to, employ, coordinate or perform missions with UNMO.
Having completed this course the participants will become familiar with:
UNMO Command & Control and structure
UNMO Concept of Support – Logistic and Administrative Support
United Nations Peacekeeping Intelligence (UNPKI)
Basic UN Investigation and Verification Techniques
Liaison and Coordination
Negotiation and Mediation
Interviewing Techniques
Weapons, Vehicles, and Aircraft Recognition
Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR)
Mines, Explosive Remnants of War, Improvised Explosive Devices and Crater Analysis
Use of Language Assistants
Media Relations
UNMO Reporting Procedures
Participants shall meet the following criteria:
Target audience: It is recommended that personnel receiving this training be proficient in military tasks (individually or collectively) at the tactical level
Rank requirements: Officer OF-1 thru OF-5
Language proficiency: English (2222 STANAG 6001)
Officers are to be capable of performing proficiency in the following skills: Language, writing, reporting, briefing, mediation, negotiation, and use of language assistants
Officers are to be capable of working within a civilian-managed Mission support structure, while remaining responsive to the military chain of command and units
Basic computer skills (MS Office applications, web)
Duration: 15 days with up to 6-7 daily lessons of 50 minutes each and 5 days for scenario-based field training exercise
Seat allocation: 25 participants
Upcoming course iterations: 5-30 September 2022
Training audience: Employees of national and regional governmental agencies. The course is open to NATO, PfP, MD, ICI and other partner nations as approved
Course language: English
Security clearance: Unclassified
Dress code: Battle dress uniform (camouflage)
Application deadline:5 July 2022

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