"Gender aspects in UN peacekeeping operations" course has been held in Almaty

The training, which was organized by the Center for Peacekeeping Operations in cooperation with the OSCE Program Office, was conducted in English and was aimed at raising awareness in the sphere of gender issues and problems.

Gender issues are a vital and integral part of UN peacekeeping operations as a whole as well as they are an important part of the national contingents’ training in particular.

“Gender awareness is necessary for military personnel to fully and correctly understand the main aspects which affect crisis situations during conflicts,” Major Rimma Shakeeva, the head of the course, explained.

“Peacekeepers need to understand how conflicts affect representatives of different age and gender groups. That kind of understanding is crucial for adequate response, analysis and decision-making in sexual violence and gender based violence situations.”

UN Security Council Resolution "Women, Peace, Security" embodies corresponding requirements to raise awareness and to develop national action plans in this area.

Kazakhstan, following the UN requirements regarding gender policy, regularly sends female military personnel to participate in peacekeeping missions.

Today, the seventh female serviceman of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan is serving abroad in the framework of the UN peacekeeping mission as a military observer. Another seven female military personnel have been dispatched to the Golan Heights as a part of the national peacekeeping contingent and are currently serving in the reserve company of the mission Commander.

The target audience of the course is representatives of the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the National Guard, as well as members of the armed forces of Jordan, Nigeria and Tunisia.