A Kazakhstani officer has been deployed to a UN mission in Western Sahara

Major Dana Zhamaliyeva of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been assigned as a military observer to the UN mission in Western Sahara.

The servicewoman successfully passed selection and training in Kazakhstan and abroad, attending courses for UN military observers.

Dana Zhamaliyeva is the seventh female servicemember of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan to be deployed to a UN peace and security support mission.

The defense department of Kazakhstan is carrying out this work, guided by UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000) "Women, Peace, and Security". The international document recommends increasing the participation of female servicemembers in the Organization's missions.

Typically, they are the ones who enjoy the trust of the local population, which helps in conflict prevention and mitigation. Thus, the participation of women in peacekeeping missions significantly enhances the effectiveness of activities in the protection of the rights of civilian populations.