Managing international conflicts is an important component of UN peacekeeping

The Peace Operations Centre of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan (KAZCENT) hosted the course "International Conflict Management", organized jointly with the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom.

The course is aimed at raising awareness, gaining knowledge to understand the international, domestic political, legal and strategic context in which the UN and other international organizations have to act in the course of conflict resolution.

The students of the course from among the KAZCENT military personnel studied the main aspects of military diplomacy, civil-military relations, considered the nature and transformation of conflicts.

“Analysis and identification of key conflict factors is an important component of a peacekeeper's professional activity. During the practical classes, the students discussed the issues of making informed decisions on crisis response and organizing the negotiation process," explained Lieutenant Colonel Valikhan Baykenov, Deputy head of the Peacekeeping Operations Center.

The knowledge and skills acquired during the one week-long course will be useful in the practical activities of peacekeepers.