“Military English Terminology in Multinational Operations” Course (METMOC)

From 9th to 13th March 2017, according to the Individual Partnership Action Plan between Kazakhstan and NATO (IPAP), the "Military Terminology of English in Multinational Operations" course was organized and conducted by the Kazakh Partnership for Peace Training Center (KAZCENT) in Almaty.
The aim of the course was special language training for the officers to increase their ability to work in multinational headquarters as a staff officer in peacekeeping operations under UN auspices.
The course has trained 12 military personnel from Kazakhstan peacekeeping battalion.
This course is certified by NATO and included in the system of education and training of military personnel according to the "Partnership for peace" program and is held annually.
The course was organized and conducted by instructors of the Kazakh "Partnership for peace" training center.
According to opinions of the participants, the course was held at a high level. The participants have agreed that the course topics were relevant.
To expand executive level of upcoming courses, it is planned to involve representatives from governmental agencies like the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of emergency situations, the Ministry of internal affairs and the National security Committee of Kazakhstan.