Kazakh peacekeeper met with African schoolchildren

Major Arman Bekbayev, a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan, together with peacekeepers from Cambodia, met with primary school students from a local school in the town of Bria in the eastern sector of the Central African Republic.

He has been serving here for several months as part of the United Nations mission.

The Kazakh peacekeeper talked with the children, explained the purpose of the peacekeeping forces in their country, and also told them about Kazakhstan. The students listened to the soldier with interest, asked him questions, expressed their wishes and shared their problems.

– Meeting with children living in a humanitarian crisis and in a state of social unrest showed that, nevertheless, they do not lose the desire to learn new things. And the most important thing is that the guys believe in the best," Major A. Bekbayev shared.

At the end of the event, the peacekeepers presented writing kits and sweets to the students, and sports equipment was handed over to the educational institution.

It is worth noting that peacekeepers carry out such humanitarian activities on an ongoing basis. Meetings with the local population are their additional responsibility.

The peacekeepers timed the meeting to coincide with the International English Language Day, established in 2010 by the UN Department of Public Information. The event is aimed at the equal use of the six official languages of the United Nations, support for multilingualism and cultural diversity.