Kazakh peacekeepers are on a responsible mission in the Congo

Lieutenant Colonel Altynbek Zhalmukhanov and Major Batyr Tuyakov have been on the African continent since last year as part of the UN stabilization mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Lieutenant Colonel Altynbek Zhalmukhanov is serving in the village of Kivanja in the central sector of the mission as the commander of a group of military observers. He has peacekeepers from Pakistan, Jordan, Uruguay, India, Tunisia, Nepal, South Africa and Ghana under his command.

As the team leader, he is responsible for ensuring the operational efficiency, safety and administrative well-being of the sector's military observer team.

"I am responsible for monitoring and authorizing the use of vehicles, equipment and warehouses. I am engaged in practical training of military personnel and conduct an assessment of the effectiveness of team members. The exchange of operational information is important in the teamwork of military observers," said Lieutenant Colonel A. Zhalmukhanov.

Since October last year, Major Batyr Tuyakov has been serving as an officer of the military observer group of the UN mission in the settlement of Kitchanga.

"We carry out daily patrols of the area, send reporting information on all incidents in the area of responsibility. The main task for us is to protect the vulnerable part of the population – children, women, and the elderly. There are international organizations operating in the region, they provide humanitarian assistance to them," Major B. Tuyakov said.

It should be pointed out that the UN Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was established by a decision of the UN Security Council in 1999 to monitor the peace process after the end of the Second Congolese War. As of 2024, the number of UN peacekeeping forces in the Congo reaches more than 12 thousand military personnel from 49 countries, including two Kazakh officers.