Kazakhstan peacekeepers are undergoing language training.

An intensive language-training course is conducted at the Peacekeeping Training Centre of the Ministry of Defense in Almaty.
67 officers and sergeants of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan have started training.
Within six months, officers and sergeants will learn English to perform successfully the tasks assigned as part of the national peacekeeping contingent, as well as staff officers and UN military observers.
The program of the course is developed according to the methodology of the US Military Language Institute. The main efforts are directed to develop and improve students' not only speaking and listening skills, but also reading and writing skills.
Necessary conditions are created at the Centre for the successful completion of the course. At the same time, an important role is played by the active involvement of the students themselves in the educational process and self-training–," said Colonel Bauyrzhan Nigmetullin, head of the Peacekeeping Training Centre.
After the diagnostic test conducted, the students were divided into groups depending on their language level. Instructors of the Center have developed a special introductory course for those officers and sergeants who start their studying of English from the very beginning.