Mission - to create peace

Women in the Kazakh army are strengthening their positions every year. They have long ceased to be only lawyers, financiers, telephone operators and psychologists. The sphere of activity of many of them has gone beyond the "female" professions. They pilot planes, serve on ships, accurately hit targets with a sniper rifle. There are also those among them who carry out a special mission of peacemaking.
Colonel Dilya Akhmetova, Major Sholpan Tauishova, Captains Aizhan Zhasuzakova and Rimma Shakeeva contributed to the maintenance of peace and security.
Major Sholpan Tauishova became the first female peacekeeper in 2018. During the year, she served in Western Sahara as a UN military observer. In February 2019, she was replaced by Captain Aizhan Zhasuzakova.
Colonel Dilya Akhmetova was sent to the Lebanese Republic as a staff officer in the UN Interim Force in Lebanon.
The role of women in the peacekeeping mission is very difficult to overestimate. On a par with their male colleagues and in the same conditions, they show high professionalism, participating in all areas of activity.
Major Sholpan Tauishova admits that when starting the mission, she felt excitement and great responsibility.
– I had the opportunity to test my own strength, capabilities, learn more about peacekeeping missions. The duties included patrolling the territory, monitoring the two countries comply the agreement signed. Participation in a peacekeeping mission has significantly broadened my horizons in matters of assistance and emergency response. Therefore, I can say with confidence that the experience I gained in Western Sahara helped me a lot," says Sholpan.
The participation of women in peacekeeping operations significantly increases their efficiency and effectiveness. Their mission is to build trust and assist in the prevention and mitigation of conflicts. They are also role models for the beautiful half of humanity, showing an example of how to defend their rights and build a career in unusual professions for women.
Major Sholpan Tauishova is sure that the main task of women peacemakers is to win the hearts of people using a powerful weapon - kindness and humanity. And Kazakh women have enough of them.