On the Golan Heights, Kazakh peacekeepers began their daily activities

Along with familiarization with the infrastructure of the base and the algorithm of actions of the rapid reaction forces of the UN mission, the military personnel of the national peacekeeping contingent began their daily activities.

Kazakh peacekeepers take over the base, affairs and duties of the Irish peacekeeping contingent. The predecessors conducted an introductory tour of the Faouar base, where the mission headquarters is located, for our military personnel. It is from here that all components of the mission are managed.

– Our unit is the reserve of the mission commander. He can use it to perform various tasks, including in times of crisis," explained Lieutenant Colonel Iliyas Mustafin, Senior officer of the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Irish military conducted classes on the order of action of the rapid reaction forces, the distribution of functions, familiarized with the areas of responsibility and the specifics of service in the Golan Heights.

As part of their daily activities, military personnel are engaged in servicing military equipment and installing combat modules on armored wheeled vehicles, arranging everyday life, and preparing for tasks.

– Familiarization with the provision process is underway, which includes the supply of drinking water, food, fuel and so on, – said Lieutenant Colonel Rustam Zhanzhumenov, Deputy Head of the Peacekeeping Operations Center of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan. – All this requires interaction with various components of the mission.

In addition, the logistics support unit is engaged in the installation of parking garage equipment for the repair of cars, special containers for storing existing weapons and ammunition.

It is worth noting that 1,500 military personnel from 12 countries of the world serve as part of the UN Disengagement Observer Force mission.