Kazakh instructors teach foreign students the principles of civilian protection

An international UN-certified course, «Comprehensive Protection of Civilians» has been launched in the Peace Operations Centre of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the concept of protection of civilians in UN peacekeeping operations, as well as to explain the procedure for planning, organizing and ensuring security for vulnerable groups of the population.

During the two weeks students from among the military personnel of the armed forces of Iran, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, the Czech Republic, Japan, as well as law enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan will study the rights and duties of peacekeepers to protect civilians, as well as the concept and role of all elements of the UN mission with a mandate to protect civilians.

KAZCENT instructors, as well as representatives of the UN Office in Kazakhstan, will explain to the course participants why the protection of civilians is a priority for UN peacekeeping and how the inability to protect civilians can affect the credibility of the UN mission as a whole.

As explained by the director of the course, Major Arman Tastanbekov, this course has been held in the Peace Operations Center for more than a year and is certified by UN.

– All course materials have been developed and approved by the Joint Training Service of the UN Department of Peace Operations, – Arman Tastanbekov clarified. – And is necessary for candidates planning to take part in UN missions with a mandate to protect civilians.

Classes are conducted through a combination of presentations, videos, group discussions and scenario-based exercises. Groups solve problems based on scenarios and present solutions in plenary sessions. In order to prepare for work in multidisciplinary UN missions, participants solve tasks based on mixed scenarios.

It should be noted that the course will take place within the walls of the newly opened Conference Center, specially equipped for holding events of this format.

At the end of the course, students will be issued UN certificates.