Peacekeepers met with Almaty schoolchildren

The military personnel of the Peace Operations Centre of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan (KAZCENT) conducted a "Lesson of courage" for high school students of the No. 40 city secondary school.

The officers told the high school students about the history of peacekeeping activities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, about the contribution of our country to solving global problems and maintaining peace.

First Lieutenant Karina Yun, a teaching officer at the Centre's Peacekeeping Training Department, explained in detail to the youth where and how Kazakh peacekeepers are trained and why Kazakhstan sends them abroad on United Nations missions.

The students listened with interest to another peacekeeper, Captain Farhat Akbaliyev, who shared his live experience with them, telling the children about the peculiarities of serving on a mission in the Lebanese Republic. He visited there twice as the commander of the Kazakh contingent.

– It is gratifying that our youth are interested in the topic of peacekeeping, as the guys literally bombarded us with questions, – said First Lieutenant Karina Yun. – Who knows, maybe tomorrow one of them will serve on a mission and will contribute to peacekeeping.

It should be noted that this meeting is only one of the series of "Lessons of courage". KAZCENT military personnel will continue to hold similar events in schools, inspiring and supporting young people in their desire to connect their lives with military service.