The Parliament approves deployment of military personnel to UN peacekeeping missions

At the joint session of the chambers of the country’s legislative body, the appeal of the Head of State on expanding the participation of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan in United Nations peacekeeping missions was considered.

The text of the address by President Tokayev was read out by Colonel General Ruslan Zhaksylykov, Minister of Defence. The statement highlights that the recent events in the region and around the world raise the importance of strengthening military training and acquiring practical combat experience.
In this regard, according to the Article 53 (5) of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the President submitted a proposal to send a peacekeeping contingent to UN missions to the Parliament for consideration.
Kazakhstan’s peacekeepers are expected to participate as staff officers, military observers, as well as members of specialized infantry, medical, reconnaissance, engineering units and military police.
In recent years, it was highlighted that there had been a reduction in the contingent of peacekeeping missions. At the same time, there is a growing competition among countries wishing to send troops to participate in operations to maintain peace and security.

Therefore, details about the units, missions and dates of deployment will be determined only after negotiations with the United Nations Secretariat.
The possibility of participating in UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Mali is being studied.

It is also reasonable to continue the participation of Kazakhstan military personnel in the UN Interim Force in Lebanon mission both as part of foreign peacekeeping contingents and through self-deployment.
Candidates for service in the mission are selected on a voluntary basis from military officers of the Armed Forces who have received peacekeeping training.
Deployment of the contingent on UN peacekeeping missions will help military personnel gain combat experience, improve the combat training of the Armed Forces, and promote proposals for their further development.

For reference: since 2014, 45 Kazakh officers have participated in UN missions in Western Sahara, Côte d’Ivoire and Lebanon as military observers and staff officers and since 2018, 520 Kazakh officers have participated in the UN Interim Force in Lebanon mission as part of a peacekeeping unit.
Nowadays, 6 and 9 Kazakhstan officers are serving in the UN missions in Western Sahara and the UN Interim Force in Lebanon, respectively.