English in five months

The five-month intensive English language course for fifty-eight members of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan concluded at the KAZCENT Peace Operations Center of the Ministry of Defense.

The training included a combined program based on American English and English for peacekeepers, led by experienced instructors.

Sessions ranged from theory to practical exercises, developing both oral and written communication skills. Students actively applied their knowledge in communicative tasks and speaking clubs.

Graduates successfully completed the course, demonstrating diligence and a desire to learn a foreign language, ultimately reaching a proficient level of English proficiency.

The diploma ceremony was attended by the British military attaché's assistant, Sergeant Oliver Hapsen, and the deputy Commandant of the Center, Colonel Ruslan Mayermanov, who presented diplomas to the top-performing students.

English language training equips military personnel with essential skills for their participation in UN missions, where they will interact with colleagues from different countries.