A planning conference of activities in 2019 between the ICRC and KAZCENT

On August 3, 2018, on the basis of KAZCENT, representatives from the Regional Office of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Central Asia (ICRC) met with representatives from KAZCENT, Military center of medicine and Air assault forces.
The sides has discussed a development of further cooperation with the ICRC in matters related to educational activities with the servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Central Asian region on the basis of KAZCENT.
ICRC offered courses / seminars on International Humanitarian Law ("Law of War") with servicemen of peacekeeping units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan on a regular basis (annually). To Assist in training of KAZCENT instructors on International Law of Refugees, International Human Rights Law and International Criminal Law. Also they considered possibilities of assistance in developing courses on the above-mentioned subjects. Participation of the ICRC representatives, as guest-experts, on legal topics at the courses of KAZCENT like: "Military English Terminology in multinational operations" and "Legal aspects in peacekeeping operations". Conducting lectures on topics like: traditions, cultural differences and features of the Lebanese and Indian population. Assistance in providing visual agitation and literature on international humanitarian law, protection of children and women, protection of refugees and etc. In the end, topics were touched on possible vectors of assistance in development of course "Civil-Military Cooperation".
The aim of the meeting to discuss current cooperation and proposals for the upcoming joint activities between KAZCENT and ICRC were taken into consideration. All issues above will be considered and planned for the coming year.