Military personnel undergo language training to participate in peacekeeping missions

Another intensive language training was completed at the Peacekeeping Training Center of the Ministry of Defense.
66 representatives of the Armed Forces successfully completed the training. Intensive language training started from the very basis and went through the program that develops learner’s language skills in speaking, reading, writing and listening. Intensive language training program was designed the way the learners obtain skills sufficient to operate effectively  in a multinational environment.
Certificates of successful completion of the course were presented to the Military personnel by the head of the Peacekeeping Training Center, Colonel Bauyrzhan Nigmetullin. He highlighted that ‘the knowledge gained during the course would help them complete tasks in peacekeeping missions on a high and professional level. Peacekeepers, without exaggeration, carry out a special mission, supporting of peace restoration and building a platform for dialogue and trust’.
The Center also conducted an intensive French language course organized with the assistance of the French Embassy in Kazakhstan. The officers successfully passed the final exam in accordance with the DELF A2 level.