Kazakhstani peacekeepers have departed for the Republic of Lebanon

The tenth contingent of peacekeeping forces flew from Almaty to relieve servicemen who completed a six-month mission as part of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon.

Six military personnel underwent a rigorous selection process, considering their professional qualities, moral-psychological status, physical fitness, and foreign language proficiency.

"The unit heading to Lebanon has undergone thorough preparation, and I am confident that we will adequately fulfill the assigned tasks within the mission," explained Major Zhasulan Esmambetov, the commander of the peacekeeping contingent.

Over the next six months, the servicemen will serve as part of an Indian peacekeeping battalion. The professionalism of Kazakhstani military personnel has been consistently praised by the mission command and representatives of the Lebanese Armed Forces, with whom joint patrols are conducted.

Kazakhstani peacekeepers, like their counterparts from other countries, participate in peacekeeping missions worldwide, including the mission in Lebanon. The rotation of Kazakhstani peacekeepers in Lebanon is a crucial process ensuring the continuity and effectiveness of their involvement in peacekeeping efforts.

This practice allows Kazakhstan to continue its contribution to global peace and security.