The Turkish language course has commenced at the Peace Operations Centre of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan (KAZCENT)

Due to agreements between the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan and the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in the Republic of Kazakhstan, twenty-four participants from the country Armed Forces have embarked on studying the intensive Turkish language program. Among them, ten individuals are undergoing training at KAZCENT.

The course aim is proficiency achievement in the Turkish language at an "Intermediate" conversational level with the further advancement prospect to advanced level of proficiency.

According to First Lieutenant Erbol Sadyk, an officer-language instructor in the Eastern Languages Service of the Language Training Department at the Centre, participants who successfully complete the language course may have the opportunity to pursue further education in the Republic of Turkey.

The Turkish language for military personnel is being taught by Dr. Ahmet Karaman, an associate professor specializing in contemporary Turkish dialects and literature at Afyon Kocatepe University.

Upon the course completion the participants will receive certificates.