Female Military Officers Course - 9

From the 9th till 21st April, 2018, Captain Rimma Shakeyeva participated in the "United Nations Military Female Officers Course - 9". The course was organized and conducted at the UN Peacekeeping Center in New Delhi, India.The aims of the course were:- development of skills necessary for participation in UN peacekeeping operations;- in supporting mission activities related to protecting women, children and civilians from all violence to include conflict-related sexual violence;- to increase the pool of trained female military officers with UN member states who could be made available to UN DPKO for deployment to a UN mission at a short notice;- advocacy of OMA/DPKO’s Gender Action Plan 2014-18 through the course participants.
During two weeks the instructors carried out lectures and presentations, the material of which included the following topics:
  • The UN System
  • Principles of Peacekeeping
  • Role of Military component
  • Command and Control in PKO
  • Field Office and Mission HQ Relationship
  • Protection of Civilians
  • Vulnerable Population
  • Children in Conflict
  • Humanitarian actors and Principles
  • Community Outreach
  • Survivor Information Management and Interaction
Course Participants: There were a total number of 31 participants from Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Egypt, Fiji, Finland, Germany, India, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Nepal, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, UK and Uruguay.
This course was designed to train and increase the number of military women personnel to be able to participate as military observers, liaison officers and staff on UN peacekeeping missions.