Visit of the Great Britain’s experts to KAZCENT

On 18th of July 2018 in the "Partnership for Peace" Training Center experts of the British Armed Forces held a briefing on topic "The involvement of the British Armed Forces in the UN peacekeeping operation in South Sudan."
The briefing was based on the conclusions drawn from the experience of UK participation in peacekeeping missions, as well as preparation to them. During the event, issues of interest regarding peacekeeping were raised.
The following issues were discussed during the briefing:
- History of UN peacekeeping, current missions and what privileges the country that sending its contingent to the UN mission receives;
- Logistical support in the theatre of operations;
- Preliminary training of the armed forces;
- The military doctrine of UK (particularly in peacekeeping operations);
- Daily life of a peacekeeper;
- Cooperation between the United Nations (at operational and tactical levels) with the contributing countries and the host nation;
-The role of a field hospital in South Sudan;
- Sending personnel to rehabilitation after the theater of operations;
- The impact of peacekeeping operations on the mental health of soldiers and commanders.
As the experts noted, UK intends for further assistance in training of Kazakhstani servicemen for UN peacekeeping missions.