Peacemaking course for students

The military personnel of the Peace Operations Centre of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan (KAZCENT) conduct a course on "United Nations peacekeeping" for students of Turan University.

The four-month course, specially designed by the teaching staff, is aimed at studying the principles, policies and standards of UN peacekeeping, which guide peacekeeping personnel in carrying out the most important tasks of helping countries transition to peaceful life.

“The course provides an idea of peacekeeping activities, the role and tasks of various components of UN missions,” explains Lieutenant Colonel Temirlan Musapirov, the head of the Planning and Analysis Department of the Centre. “During the lessons, KAZCENT instructors who have served in missions abroad will share their experience, explain to students the aspects of the application of international humanitarian law and human rights in peacekeeping operations using live examples”.

The course also covers such important aspects of peacekeeping as child protection, women, peace and security, sexual violence in conditions of a conflict, respect for intercultural differences and many other topics that define the basic principles of UN peacekeeping.