On August 3, 2018, on the basis of KAZCENT, representatives from the Regional Office of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Central Asia (ICRC) met with representatives from KAZCENT, Military center of medicine and Air assault forces.

On 18th of July 2018 in the "Partnership for Peace" Training Center experts of the British Armed Forces held a briefing on topic "The involvement of the British Armed Forces in the UN peacekeeping operation in South Sudan."

In accordance with the individual action plan of the Partnership between the Republic of Kazakhstan and NATO, instructors of the Partnership for Peace Training Center held a regular course on "Legal Aspects of Peacekeeping Operations" from 4 to 8 June 2018. The purpose of the course was to familiarize the servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the provisions and principles of international law and particular international humanitarian law applicable in UN peacekeeping operations.

In the period from 14 to 24 May 2018 on the basis of the "Partnership for peace" training center, an information exchange was held between the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan and experts from the United States and the United Kingdom. The event was organized in preparation for the tactical and special peacekeeping exercise "Steppe Eagle-2018".

In the period from April 20 to April 22, 2018, the fourth annual international conference "Turan Model United Nations 2018" (Turan MUN 2018) was held at the University of Turan.

From the 9th till 21st April, 2018, Captain Rimma Shakeyeva participated in the "United Nations Military Female Officers Course - 9".

The OCC E&F Database Training Course (DTC) 2018 was organized by SHAPE MPD within the framework of the NATO Operational Concept Program that was conducted in Baku (Azerbaijan) 17-19 April 2018. The DTC aim was to train on the use of the OCC E&F Database Tool in preparation and providing of an OCC evaluations.

From the 16th until the 21st of April 2018, there was a Mobile Training Team (MTT) from the Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC USA) at «Partnership for Peace» Training Center (KAZСENT). This military collaboration was within the framework of Five-year Military Cooperation Plan for 2019 between the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Department of Defense of the United States of America. MTT consisted of
Mr. Eric LeGros and Ms. Alycia Honeck.

December 12, 2017, hub of the UNAI at the KazNU, together with the UN Office in Almaty and universities, members of the UN Academic Impact Program, organized a Round Table on "The Role of Peacekeeping Forces in Ensuring Peace and Human Rights: The 70th Anniversary of the UN Charter on Human Rights", which was broadcasted on the international communicative site G-Global.

From 9th to 13th March 2017, according to the Individual Partnership Action Plan between Kazakhstan and NATO (IPAP), the "Military Terminology of English in Multinational Operations" course was organized and conducted by the Kazakh Partnership for Peace Training Center (KAZCENT) in Almaty.