This course prepares military personnel for success in an English-speaking environment. The goal of the course is to train commissioned officers and NCOs to function effectively in a multinational combined and joint environment in peace support operations, and in NATO-led multinational headquarters. During the course the participants will acquire and practice verbal and writing military terminology, and will be familiarized with abbreviations and acronyms on a level adequate for the successful accomplishment of tasks in multinational operations.

The primary target audience is identified as military and civilian personnel who will have to work in a multinational context. This course is also available beyond scheduled iterations upon request. The request should be placed at least three months prior to desired course dates.

Course aim                                            

The aim is for students to broaden their military vocabulary and activate their military English language skills, train individual student’s ability to use English language for assignments in multinational headquarters in a peace support operation or as a participant in multinationalexercises.

Course language                                 


Delivery method                                   

Blended delivery: residential (instructor-led) & distributed (mobile training teams)

Course active from

6 April 2009

Course duration

5-10 session days

Upcoming course iterations

8-19 October 2019

Training audience

Employees of Kazakh and regional governmental agencies. The course is open to NATO, PfP, MD, ICI and other nations as approved.

Student eligibility

To be eligible to attend the course, nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • at least the following proficiency standards in English as described in STANAG 6001: Listening (2), Speaking (2), Reading (2), and Writing (2);
  • ability for independentwork;
  • basic computerskills.

Maximum number of students per iteration

Residentialiterations: 25


Tuition fee per student

€ 0.00

Security clearance


Course contact information


Course director