Initially offered as the Central Asia and Afghanistan Familiarization Course during 2010-2012, the event evolved to the Advanced Research Workshop on Central Asia and Afghanistan Context Factors and the Comprehensive Approach to Regional Security back in 2014. Upon successful completion of the workshop it was decided to organize annual events under the working title of Central Asia and Afghanistan Regional Security through Cultural Awareness, each with unique theme and agenda.

The goal of this annual workshop is to bring together specialists from military institutions, research establishments, higher education, non-governmental organizations, and other sectors of civil society to address the research and development requirements necessary to forge a comprehensive approach to regional security.

This workshop engages thinkers and practitioners in defining the challenges and opportunities of a comprehensive approach.

The workshop heavily emphasizes the well understood features of Central Asian and Afghanistan societies and the recognition that the knowledge and understanding of culture, customs, and traditions of the local population is an inherent element to success of operating within.

Misunderstanding or ignorance of a foreign/different culture and its traditions can result in tensions and hostilities that endanger stability. Furthermore, this leaves behind lasting effects and hinders the building of trust and tolerance between various groups, ethnicities and nations.

The workshop participants will be familiarized with main aspects of ethno-political processes of the nations populated Central Asia and Afghanistan in order to understand their influence on people’s daily life.

Information provided during the workshop will enable the participants to appreciate the importance of religion in the life of some countries as Afghanistan and its relatively mediocre influence in other societies of Central Asia.

The comprehension of current political system development trends in the region, familiarization with various approaches to geopolitical situation in Central Asia and Afghanistan as well as systematic, overarching and updated vision toward regional security and other challenges in Central Asian region and Afghanistan will enable the various level leaders involved in decision making process and performing their functions in Area of Responsibilities that includes Central Asia and Afghanistan to be more confident in realizing functional responsibilities by implementing acquired and systemized knowledge on the region.

The security implications, threats, challenges, and resulting destabilizing effects of Afghanistan coupled with the foreign policy of the world’s economic and military powers focusing on the region have a strong impact on Central Asia policy. The workshop strives to direct the attention of the participants to these issues not only through the presentations of specialists, but also through the establishment of circles of communication among the participants.

This three to five day workshop addresses the features of Central Asia & Afghanistan cultural awareness and seeks to derive group recommendations on broadening interethnic, interreligious, and intercultural relationships as a foundation to lasting peace and consent.

Workshop languages

English and Russian with simultaneous interpretation.

Workshop fee per participant

Up to €300. Exact amount will be announced based on organizational expenditures three months before the workshop.

Maximum number of participants

Up to 75

Workshop date

25-27 September 2019 (tentative)

Workshop contact information

Mr. Radik M.ZAKIROV, LTC (OF-4), KAZ-A