IMET course is based on The American Language Course (ALC) which is a comprehensive set of materials produced by the Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC).

  • General English Intensive Materials
  • Achievement, Proficiency
  • Placement Tests, and Skills Assessment Kits

American Language Course (ALC) consists of extensively researched and         carefully   controlled  lessons  of  English  as  a  Foreign Language.

Materials of ALC

  • present a comprehensive curriculum that includes presentations in the areas of language functions;
  • vocabulary, grammar, and the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing);
  • use contemporary communicative approaches as well as traditional methods of language teaching;
  • include extensive instructional guidance to help the non-native instructor;
  • contain answers to classroom, homework, and evaluation exercises;
  • are based on clearly stated objectives that are reinforced and recycled throughout the course;
  • consist of 34 comprehensive instructional packages providing all the materials necessary to lessons the course objectives, i.e., audio recordings with language laboratory exercises, computer-based training, flashcards, videos, quizzes, and performance assessment tools.

Course aim

To improve participants’ English language proficiency enough that they can pass the ECL test (English Comprehension Level) with a score of at least 55 % in KAZ and improve upon this score in DLIELC, in San Antonio, TX, USA. The long term goal of all course participants it to successfully complete follow on training in their field of activity.

Course language


Delivery method

Residential (instructor-led)

Course active from

14 July 2008

Course duration

5 months

Upcoming course iterations

17 July – 18 December 2018

Training audience

Employees of Kazakh Armed Forces and Kazakh Ministry of Defense. The course is open to regional countries, as well as to NATO, PfP, MD, ICI and other nations as approved.

Maximum number of students per iteration

Residential iterations:         30

Tuition fee per student

€ 0.00

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Course contact information


Course director